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refrig●erators, and other p○ieces of furniture ■and home app◆liances. They wer〓e used by the med◆ia only du●ring the Ol■ympic Game●s and are almost ne■w. They also mee●t Olympic stan●dards of qual○ity and enviro○nmental-friendl〓iness.Liu Xulin,■ Deputy Direc●tor of Beijing Jiahe● International Auct◆ion Co. said "These ■pieces of ●furniture us●e wood with low〓-levels of formald◆ehyde. They a■re environme●ntally-frien●dly,

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g Yan, Diector ●of Beijing Equity Ex○change said "The■ opening pr〓ices of ordinary ite◆ms will be a

■little lower than n●ew ones. Af○ter all, they're 〓used. Souvenirs may● be much mor〓e expen

sive, beca〓use they have○ cultural,● historical and 〓collectible val〓ue. They are● a carrier

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